My life story

Here is my never before told story about my journey on to becoming an Excellence Strategist and author.  You can watch me tell my story in person here. My name is Yinka Adegbenle. I’m the founder of Ways of Excellence LLC. I’m an excellent strategist, coach and an author. I have an MBA in International […]

Strategies for Building Authentic Relationships

I strongly believe that we are all relational beings. This is why when God created us, he put us in families. We crave to be in a relationship with other people because it’s innate, it is who we are. We are wired in that way. Relationships can be complex, if it is not properly navigated. […]

Say this not That! Reframe your thoughts, Change your words.

It’s SPRING time! It’s the most beautiful time of the year! The sun is out a little longer and it’s warmer. I think everything is better at this time of the year. But sadly with spring comes allergies. This is the time of the year where you mostly hear people saying things like: “Oh, my […]


Strategies for dealing with rejection We have all experienced rejection in one way or another. It may be from a job you had applied for, from a group of friends, at home among other things. The truth about rejection is this: Rejection is part of our life’s journey and it hurts.

Clutter – Why it is bad for your health.

So what is clutter? Here’s the dictionary definition of clutter: clutter is a collection of things lying around in an untidy and disorderly manner Taking that one step further, clutter is a collection of things that we do not want, that no longer serve us. Things that we have lying around and in an untidy […]

Academic Summer Loss: What it is and how to prevent it.

Ways to prevent summer learning loss in children

Oh! the joys of long lazy summer days. Some of the best childhood memories are made over the summer. Summer days are lots of fun but academic summer loss is not.  Academic Summer Loss also known as Summer Slide or Summer Learning Slide, is used to describe the slide backwards that many children make in […]

Ibidunni Ighodalo: A Fitting Tribute to an Iconic Soul

Ibidunni Ighodalo

Last week, I was stunned and in utter shock like many million of others, when I heard the news about the sudden and untimely passing of Ibidunni Ighodalo. I did not know Ibidunni Ighadalo personally. I did not need to. The life she lived, and her works spoke volumes.

Personal Boundaries: What they are and why they are important.

We teach others how to treat us.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you were taken advantage of? Or where you felt a deep sense of resentment or hurt due to behavior from another, be it a client, friend or work colleague. If you dig deeper into the issue, you will realize that it was because boundaries were […]

Why hope matters in a time of crisis.

These are uncertain and difficult times. The numbers do not lie. As at the time of writing this article, over 33,000 have died from the Corona Virus in the United States alone. Worldwide, the number of lives claimed by this killer virus has surpassed 300,000. So many have lost loved ones, jobs, businesses and almost […]

You should forgive your offenders; here’s why…

Let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the (offense) that so easily trips us up. Then we will be able to run life’s marathon racewith passion and determination, for the path has been already marked out before us. Heb 12:1